Loblolly Moves Beyond Ice Cream with Winter Seasonal Items

If you’re already feeling the strain of the holidays, then it’s probably time to chill out with some new treats from Loblolly Creamery. Catch updated wintry flavors, or let the Creamery help with your holiday party needs by taking advantage of their order-ahead offerings.
First up: the ice cream.
Get in the spirit with a fan-favorite – Peppermint. This sweet, minty flavored treat comes topped with peppermint melted crunch. Or, you can always satiate that sweet tooth with the Cranberry Orange Sorbet, which is both wintry and fruity, full of tangy cranberry mixed with a hint of citrus.
If you haven’t seen the Rep’s performance of “The Little Mermaid” yet, you can get involved by trying the collaboration flavor: Under the Sea Salt. Think sea salt ice cream with chocolate chunks.
Have no fear, there’s always a stronger option, and this time it comes in the form of eggnog. Loblolly’s Bourbon Eggnog flavor comes spiked with Rock Town Distillery Bourbon and is topped with the necessary nutmeg.

Next up: holiday treats.
This year, you can order Loblolly handcrafted Swiss Roll Cakes and Cookie + Ice Cream boxes for your festivities. There are a couple of different flavors to chose from.
For the cakes, chose from either the Gingerbread Pumpkin Roulade or the Buche De Noel. A little spicy, the Gingerbread Pumpkin Roulade is a ginger pumpkin sponge cake rolled with cream cheese frosting, while the Buche De Noel, or the Yule Log, comes as a vanilla Swiss roll cake with French buttercream icing covered in chocolate ganache. Each cake comes with a pint of Loblolly Ice Cream.
Cookie lovers might want to check out the Cookie Box option which comes with ice cream quarts for holiday ice cream sandwiches.
Pick your cookies from Classic Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peppermint, Oatmeal Raisin, and Snickerdoodle. Next, choose your ice cream from the selection of classic flavors and holiday ice creams.
For all your other cravings, be sure to head to the Loblolly Ice Cream Bar inside the Green Corner Store & Soda Fountain this month. You’re sure to find Hot Chocolate and House-Made Marshmallows, plus roll cake slices with a scoop of ice cream throughout December.

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