Melt into Fall with Loblolly’s New Seasonal Flavors

Crisp weather and fall colors point to one thing – new seasonal ice cream. The team at Loblolly has worked hard to create a few new fall flavors for ice cream lovers to try out.
First up is the Pumpkin Buttermilk. According to Sally Mengel, this is one you won’t want to miss – “This one is a tangy Bulgarian Buttermilk ice milk with a swirl of cinnamon roasted pumpkin pie.” Eating this beauty is like biting into your own personal slice of fall.
If you associate whiskey with autumn, look no further than the Brown Butter Whiskey which features Rock Town’s Whiskey. Mengel’s description is tantalizingly good: “This is a rich browned butter ice cream with a smoky hint of Rock Town Whiskey.” Truth be told, the smoke is there, but it’s creamy and sweet enough to leave you wanting more. And more.
What fall line-up would be complete without apple pie? Try the Apple Pie Sorbet, which is a great option for those aiming to be dairy free. Mengel says, “This is a spiced cider with a kick of Rock Town Lightning frozen for a delicious fall treat.”
And, for the month of September, don’t forget to try the nonprofit flavor – The Wolfe Street Desire Chip. A delicious combination of coffee and ice cream, this treat comes topped with chocolate chips. The Wolfe Street Mission Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit providing resources to those dealing with alcoholism.
To try one of these treats ASAP, head to the Loblolly Creamery Ice Cream Bar inside The Green Corner Store & Soda Fountain. The flavors will be available until the end of November with additions of Halloween and Thanksgiving limited edition flavors.
You can also find Loblolly at various establishments including At the Corner and Mylo Coffee Co. Pints of ice cream to-go can be found at The Green Corner Store & Soda Fountain, Stratton’s Market, and Terry’s Finer Foods.
Also, find Loblolly seasonal ice creams around town on local restaurant dessert menus.

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