New Seasonal Menu at South on Main

Spring is a time for vibrant gardens and fresh herbs, and South on Main’s new spring menu is a representation of that. “We like to change the menu seasonally, which means we mix up our offerings with the growing season, not just the calendar,” says owner and head chef Matt Bell.
With the heavy rain that Arkansas has been experiencing in the past few months, the local produce isn’t as varied and abundant as usual, but that just means that Bell has to get creative in order to whip up some new dishes, a challenge he takes on readily.
To find inspiration, Bell looks to his wife’s Southern family cooking traditions, and is surprised to see a crossover of some of those dishes with his own Northern roots. He says, “One of those dishes is the Cucumber/Farmer Salad … The dish will linger with you because of the combination mint and the cucumber.”
He also listens to his customers and looks to them for inspiration. “One of our regulars wanted a duck dish so we created one with stewed zucchini … We find that point where it gets pleasantly soft,” he explained.
As far as crafting new dishes, Bell always keeps his mind open. “We have no problem giving a nod to something completely traditional … Each season it’s interesting and hopefully each year we will find something new from traveling or collaborating with others.”
Visit South on Main today to try the newest seasonal dishes, and read the menu in its entirely below.

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Author: Becca

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