Pastry Chef Matthew Lowman Joins Loblolly Creamery, Leaves Post At South on Main

Since the opening of South on Main in 2013, pastry chef Matthew Lowman has been an important component of the restaurant’s success. Lowman’s whimsical, yet technical approach to the dessert course was often filled with nostalgic admiration for the sweet treats many adults grew up with. The irony of eating something like a “fancy” candy bar in one of the most celebrated restaurants in the city, filled with some of the most talented chefs in town, was just part of the joy and excitement patrons found in Lowman’s desserts.

But new opportunities have arrived for Lowman and the young chef will be soon be leaving his post at South on Main to join another local business that has set the standard for ice cream in Arkansas—Loblolly Creamery.
“The Loblolly team is super excited to have Matt Lowman on board. Ever since I knew Lowman we have geeked out over ice cream flavor ideas. Now we can take all our ideas and put them to reality,” Loblolly owner Sally Mengel tells us. “Now that Loblolly is getting bigger, it will be a nice addition to have another team mate, especially someone with Lowman’s experience and wisdom.”
Lowman will be operating as “head ice cream manager” at Loblolly Creamery, a local business that has expanded far beyond their original confines in the Green Corner Store on south Main Street. Loblolly’s products have infiltrated dozens of local restaurant menus and specialty grocery stores across central Arkansas. Lowman will be leaving South on Main and transitioning into Loblolly the week of May 10th.

At Loblolly, Lowman plans to direct the development of new ice cream and sherbet flavors, as well as creating other novelties and possibly baked goods. Lowman will work in conjunction with Dan Moore, long time ice cream maker for the business.
Lowman says, “Hopefully I’ll be able to help Loblolly grow even greater in the direction they’ve already been going–making small batch, badass, ice cream while growing in Arkansas, and with Arkansas.”

“I have always admired the pastry program at South on Main and their staff culture. I have been impressed how Chef Matt Bell takes care of his employees like they are family and creates a fun atmosphere in the kitchen,” Mengel says. “It’s one of my favorite places to drop off ice cream. I am looking forward to working with South on Main and providing more small-batch ice cream to top off their desserts.”

Chef Lowman’s creations have always brought a smile to our faces, and we’re sure he will be sorely missed at South on Main. But we congratulate him on this new opportunity and wish him the best of luck. If you ever needed another reason to eat more Loblolly…here you go. Keep an eye out for Lowman’s ice cream and other sweet concoctions in the very near future.

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