Piro Releases Summer Seasonal Cocktails

South Main Street is a happening place, especially during the summer months when the Bernice Garden picks up the farmer’s market. The relatively new addition to the neighborhood, Piro Brick Oven & Barroom, is settling nicely into the seasonal swing of things.
Malissa Calaway, Piro’s Bar Manager, has whipped up a new summer cocktail menu, drawing some of her inspiration from the nearby farmer’s market. She said, “I tried to use fresh herbs as often as possible, because we have the garden right across the street.”
Starting off the trend is the Jenn Ann Tonic, Calaway’s summer take on the classic Gin and Tonic. “It’s a really light, refreshing cocktail with fresh cucumber, fresh sage, some lime, and tonic,” she said, “and it’s really good.” The simplicity of this drink is a welcome treat against the Arkansas heat, plus, the slight spice from the sage mixed with the crisp cucumber is a match made in heaven.
Next, comes the Dirty Blonde, which combines tequila, Southern Star’s Bombshell Blonde Ale, fresh mint and lemon juice. “The sweetness of this drink comes from a dash of Velvet Falernum,” said Calaway, “it’s very refreshing without being too heavy of a drink.”
Callaway then presents the Lola Larue. The cocktail is a Chambord, vodka cocktail with champagne, topped off with lemon juice and fresh rosemary. She said, “It’s going to be a little more tart, the herbs really kick off the flavors in most of these. It has honey in it as well.”
Those who need a sweeter drink should check out the Minxie. This cocktail exhibits house-infused raspberry whiskey with a touch of citrus and topped with ginger ale. “It’s very simple, but the raspberries were infused for about two and a half weeks so the result is a lot of raspberry flavor.” The result is a drink on the sweeter side with a slight tart finish.
Last but not least, is the Cocoa Bordeaux, which is a mixture of the Chocolate Thunder porter, some coffee liqueur and rum, with a hint a cherry liqueur. “It’s a really sweet, after-dinner cocktail with some coffee notes to – it’s pretty good,” Calaway said.
Named and inspired from close-friends, Calaway’s creations each have a personality of their own and are well-worth a taste. Head down to Piro to try some today.

Author: Becca

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