Skye's Bistro Shines in New Menu

The River Market food scene seems to be really hitting on all cylinders lately. It has existed for years as a tourist destination that few locals ventured into, which is a shame because the food is becoming increasingly better.
One of the best all around spots is also one of the most unassuming. Tucked away inside Stratton’s Market is Skye’s Bistro, and it continues to pump out some amazing food under chef Stephen Burrow. The latest menu update seems to take this one step further.
Starting off with the one thing you have to try is the Lobster Roll. These perfect sandwiches do not make their way to Little Rock often due to the availability of fresh lobster, but get a good one and you will love it. Like a good lobster roll this one is simple. It starts with claw and knuckle meat (the best cut of meat on a lobster) mixed in with a little mayo, topped with a sprinkle of scallions and served on a brioche bun. This one comes with a side of duck fat potatoes.

If east coast food is not your thing, there are several reimagined southern classics on the menu. The Meatloaf Patty Melt combines two southern classics into one. It starts with a solid slice of meatloaf that is then cooked up with caramelized onions and topped cheddar and mozzarella and served on toast. Also new to the menu is a bacon wrapped dog with chow chow and pimento cheese.
The daily specials keep things lively. The crawfish mac n’ cheese on Thursdays is a great pickup, even to go. Also look for the bacon wrapped quail breast served over jalapeno cheddar grits.
You can always keep things (somewhat) light and go for a salad of some of their lighter sandwiches. The Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna salad is a great meaty option. The Country Ham on Croissant is perfect if you are craving a sandwich, it comes topped with an egg salad and prosciutto. They also have a really good caprese salad utilizing some of the fresh local tomatoes from the Stratton’s Market side of the shop.

Speaking of, lunch here works great for multi taskers. It is easy to grab a bite and pick up some quick groceries, beer, wine, or even liquor from the store. Despite the law change allowing wine in grocery stores, Strattons is still the only spot around allowed to sell liquor alongside grocery.
Don’t sleep on Skye’s when picking a lunch spot. Parking around here is surprisingly good around lunch time, I rarely have to walk more than a half block or so. They have a lot of grab and go items as well for when you are in a hurry.
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