SO Restaurant-Bar Rolls Out New Menu, Adds Brunch

Locals craving SoHo’s renowned fare need not travel far to fill that desire. Luckily for Rock City, SO Restaurant-Bar in Hillcrest can competently cover those needs from ambiance and wine, to stellar menu offerings.
A relatively new face at the eatery, Executive Chef Casey Copeland recently created a new dinner menu, and has added brunch service on Sundays, as well. His enthusiasm and excitement for food and what he’s bringing to the table is downright contagious. He says, “I’m really pumped about my whole menu. I sat down and did a lot of thinking about dishes that I care for and where I wanted to go. I want people here to be excited about what’s going on.”
When glancing through the options you can see a wide range and something for everyone. Rest assured that each choice comes with a meticulous preparation as Copeland adds, “I’m trying to bring the community things I believe in.”

If you glance at the entrees, Copeland suggest his duck dish, one he’s particularly excited for as he can’t rid his taste for game, although his take exhibits his attention to detail. He says, “Anytime I get something in I want to break it down and use as much of it as I can.” With this dish you’ll get a Chinese spiced duck breast with juniper berry pan sauce, duck legs and thighs cured and prepared confit, along with New York State duck foie gras.
The menu also boasts of Lamb Lollipops, which he names “one of our most popular dishes.” This dish receives no less attention than the duck, as he details the flavor profile – “I do a pomegranate lemon moustardo with a pine nut crust.”
There’s also an excellent shrimp pasta dish, which he says he pushes the envelope with, featuring fully headed saltwater African prawns. He wants to engage with his audience as he says, “Think of it like crawfish. That’s a big Southern thing … The head soaks up everything you cook it in. Take that and dump it all over your pasta.” Trust me, with all the creamy butter and seasonings you’ll be glad you did.
If pasta, duck or lamb hasn’t filled your appetite, try the pork tenderloin, which Copeland amps up a little with a coffee rub. “I’m from Texas,” he says, smiling, and it reminds him of home.

While the new menu has been out for some time, the addition of Sunday brunch service is hot from the oven. Right from the starting gates Copeland wanted to approach it a little differently, opening at 9 a.m. to catch early risers. “I know these people want to have coffee and something to eat before they go to church,” he says. And, they’ll have the option for a lighter dish along with their coffee due to the varied, although short menu.
Like the dinner menu, Copeland put a lot of time into composing the brunch menu. “When I go eat brunch, I know what items I like and what items are awesome. I wanted to take every item that I enjoy … and I’m going take them to a new level,” he says.
For a lighter option opt for the Minted Fruit Salad. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it although it’s too pretty to eat. Don’t be fooled on how filling it is, as Copeland says he split it with a friend recently, “Two grown men split it and we were like, ‘Wow, that’s really filling.’”
If you want an even sweeter option the French Toast is for you. Called “extremely” sweet by the chef himself, the dish doesn’t mess around. There is a hearty Huevos Rancheros option next to house made Biscuits and Gravy, and of course, Copeland’s take on Eggs Benedict.
From brunch to dinner, every dish on the menu has its own infusion of creativity and sounds mouth wateringly delicious. Check out the full offerings below, and then make plans to try that dish the next time you head out to SO.
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Sunday Brunch Menu
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Author: Becca

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