South On Main Releases New Dinner Menu

Choosing where to go when dining out is never easy in Rock City’s bustling scene, but with the addition of new dishes, you’ll likely want to give South on Main a visit in the near future.
The restaurant recently released a new seasonal menu featuring everything from a take on Chicken and Waffles to Boudin Balls and Trout prepared with Roasted Grapes and Dill. In other words, there’s a little something for anyone who loves Southern food and has a decent appetite.
Executive Chef Matthew Bell says that this menu wasn’t particularly easy to put together, although he’s excited for the final product. “I’ll have these periods of writer’s block,” he explains, “But then I’ll sit down and ideas will come to me all at once.”
First up in the starter section, try the Fried Chicken Liver & Waffles, which is everything you could want to satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings. South on Main has always done an excellent job with Chicken Livers, and with the addition of Hot Honey and Charred Green Onions atop a Waffle – this dish just makes sense.
For a taste of Louisiana, try the Boudin Balls with Comeback Sauce. The delicious smell alone is enough to ensure that you’re likely to order more than one plate of these beauties.

Get coastal with the BBQ Shrimp atop Carolina Gold Middlins and Pepper Relish for a take on Shrimp and Grits. Bell says, “The rice middlins are the bits of rice that have broken into bits. The company is based in Charlotte and they make excellent grits.”
For the mains, you can’t go wrong with the Trout. Prepared with Confit Fingerling, South on Main Bacon, and Roasted Grapes and Dill, and a touch of Arkansas Muscadine Wine, Bell is particularly stoked for this dish. “In a way this could be an answer to Arkansas food,” he says, “We used to do a dish at Ashley’s that picked up similar flavors. The dill and grape combination really goes together, and I’m pretty excited about this one.”
Those who are veggie inclined will want to try the Mushroom Stroganoff Pasta, complete with Shiitakes, Sage, Crème Fraiche and Crispy Onions.
For an extra dose of meat, however, try The Double. This burger is packed with flavor between two All-Beef Patties. Bell says, “It comes with Pimento Cheese and Bacon Jam, and my personal favorite type of bun – the Sesame Bun.”
Hungry? Head out to South on Main to try these dishes and more today.

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Author: Becca

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