Summer Sipping at the Raduno Bar

Summer cocktails in Arkansas are always an interesting thing. The days begin to get long and hot, so drinks are a bit of a conflict. Either they go light and refreshing for scorching afternoon drinking, or they go a bit heavier for late evening patio drinking as the sun and the temps start to drop around 9pm. Thankfully the latest Raduno menu is perfect for either during summers on South Main.
With the menu, Raduno welcomes in another new bar manager Tim Carty. Tim has been around the Little Rock scene for some time, previously working at Heights Taco, before leaving for Asheville for a bit. His return brings some added experience alongside veteran barman Sebastian Yingling for an all around seasoned bar team.
“I wasn’t even necessarily looking for a position when I moved back, but Bart (Barlogie, Raduno Owner) asked if I would be interested and I jumped at the opportunity to work at this bar,” Carty tells us. “For my first menu here, the team and I wanted to focus on refreshing items with a heavy gin and vodka influence that works well in the summer.”
The refreshing gin drinks start quick with the Hummingbird and Summer in SOMA. Both are light and crisp, the Hummingbird is about as easy drinking as it comes with a honeysuckle vodka, honey, lavender syrup, and lemon juice topped with a little soda water for a bit of added crispness.

The Summer in SOMA is the menu’s showstopper however. They add gin and grapefruit liqueur to some house made watermelon juice for a bright, slightly sweet, and extremely colorful drink. It is topped with a watermelon wedge for added value. It is a perfect drink for a hot day, and light enough to have a couple without feeling bogged down in the summer heat.
Along with the light drinks comes the Pimms Revisited, which is one of the better Pimms based drinks I’ve had. It stays light and crisp and uses the same Pamplemouse grapefruit liqueur that is in the Summer in SOMA for extra flavor.
As the sun starts to set there are a few drinks specifically catered for the occasion. The team decided to hold over the rye whiskey based favorite, the Charlie Murphy, which is a very good decision on their part. They also add another rye whiskey drink, the Scofflaw, which includes dry vermouth and lemon juice. The perfect summer addition though is the gin based Martinez. It is a good balance of being an afternoon sipper while staying light and crisp. Along with the gin it features Luxardo and sweet vermouth.
Rounding out the new menu are a couple of rum based drinks. First up the Monkey business has Plantation Pineapple Rum, and a relatively new to market Banana liqueur that has been popping up at bars around town, for a tiki-ish drink. Also added is the sweetest perfection with Plantation’s new white rum, simple syrup and lime juice for what is essentially a classic daiquiri.
The menu is available now and should run all season, and expect a new food menu soon as well to go with the summer seasonal cocktails.

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