Table 28 Elevates Their Dining Experience with Remodeled Dining Room

Table 28 has been a favorite food stop of ours since opening a little under three years ago.
For all the great food that chef Scott Rains and crew served up, the atmosphere of the restaurant tucked away in the bottom of the former Best Western (now Burgundy Hotel) was lacking. The dark, almost cave like, appearance to the dining area no doubt kept some people from coming back. That has all changed with a remodel that elevates the experience and gives a space that feels sophisticated and open.
“We knew there was a conflict between the food served and the dining room appearance,” Chef Rains tells us while giving a tour of the updated space. “We really wanted to take some time and let the dining area match the quality of food being served. We think it will make the overall experience much better here.”

To start the ceiling is rid of the old tiles and chandeliers. It is now raised slightly and features horizontal white slats against a dark stained beams and black ceiling which gives the appearance of being much taller and lighter than before. Strategically placed lights now illuminate each table for an even lighting flow throughout.
Gone are the old wood stained columns, trim, and bar. The columns are now flat with and stained dark along with much of the bar. The bar also now features a stamped metal panel on front with under bar lighting that brings in additional depth and lightness to the area.
The old brown carpets are replaced with a lush woven dark grey carpet that ties in well to the rest of the space. The walls are now covered with a nice dark wood paneling that adds an extra level of sophistication. The wall immediately to the left of the entrance is covered in mirrors which adds even more depth to a dining room that is on the small side.
The new space will seat 70, and the biggest changes may be in the tables. The old white table cloths are gone and replaced by bare lightly colored tables. The biggest eye catching component is the new 4 table booth that sits in the middle of the restaurant between the two pillars. These four spots have a round 4 top table and the booth itself is highlighted by the accent lighting. They will quickly be the best 12 seats in the room.

Wrapping it all up is the dining area in the rear that can be made private thanks to the large curtains. The walls here are a dark brown and have two new lighting features that really compliment the sophistication of the redesign. A large pig art piece decorates one wall, and I am told additional artwork will be added this month in the space.
Overall the new Table 28 experience is fantastic. It easily transforms the space into one of the best all around dining experiences in the city, tying together the food and atmosphere well. Dining will still be offered in the hotel lobby, which until this point was my favorite way to enjoy Table 28. They are also planning a patio expansion later in the year that should be a great complement to the inside space.

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