The Faded Rose Adds Crawfish Bread, and it is Fantastic

We do a lot of new menu previews around here, many restaurants frequently add new menu items three or four times a year. Then there is the Faded Rose who has settled nicely into a menu over the past 35 years. Menu updates at the Rose are usually a rotation in of an old favorite or a slight refinement to a classic. In fact it has been several years since a totally new menu item hit, so when we heard they are offering crawfish bread for the first time, naturally we got excited.
Crawfish bread is most often associated with Jazz Fest, the annual New Orleans festival that takes place over the last weekend in April and first weekend in May celebrating New Orleans culture and heritage. Food is front and center at the event, featuring over 70 food booths all highly cultivated to only offer the best of New Orleans food
“Crawfish bread is always a top dish around Jazz fest. People can’t get enough of it around there, it really is the most popular dish,” The Faded Rose owner Ed David tells us. “We wanted to bring such a fantastic dish to Little Rock for people to enjoy. So far everyone who has ate it has become an instant fan.”
In Jazz Fest spirit everything on the crawfish bread is made from the best ingredients and elements made from scratch, something the culinary program at Jazz Fest stresses. The creamy, buttery, and meaty dish features french bread topped with a good amount of crawfish, house-made mayo, butter, spices and covered with mozzarella. Having just returned from five days of eating across New Orleans I can tell you it perfectly captures the culinary scene of the city.
From what we can dig up, traditional crawfish bread can be served either open face or as part of a closed sandwich. The Faded Rose’s sort of splits the two approaches by offering the appetizer as two open face halves that can be put together if that is your thing. Even better, you can go off menu a bit and order just a half and a cup of gumbo (or other soup) for a really good lunch or light dinner option.
It is always a special treat to find something new on the Faded Rose’s menu, especially since it happens so rarely. This should help us get through until the next crawfish boil season.
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