The Fold Flexes Muscle Beyond Tacos

The Fold in Riverdale has always had great tocas. Small incremental changes over the past several years has led to a great all around lineup that few non-authentic places in town can touch. The direction of the summer menu update can best be characterized as “why screw up a good thing”.
The taco menu you had last week will be the same taco menu you have today, what has changed is bringing many of the other items up to the same great quality of the tacos.
“We took a strong look at our menu and decided this time around to focus heavily on our botanas (small plates) and tortas (sandwiches),” executive chef Alex Smith says. “We brought a few items back, reimagined some others, and also brought on a few new things we are excited about sharing.”

On the botanas side, the big winner here is going to be the hushpuppies. It may seem a little out of place for a taco joint, but one bite and you will see why they fit. They are much spicier than your average hushpuppies, and paired with the jalapeno aioli it is a great appetizer.
Also new are cheese tamale bites. They take their standard cheese tamale mix, ball it, then deep fry it. Pro-tip, ask for a side of cheese dip to dip these in, it makes a difference. They have also replaced the ceviche with a shrimp cocktail, and brought back my personal favorite, the mexican street corn.
Over on the Torta side, the pork torta is back. It was always a strong contender on the sandwich menu, it is slightly reimagined and should be a hit all over again. Gone in its place is the brisket torta option, although with most of the ingredients elsewhere on the menu I am sure they could work it up if that was your thing.

The Fold has always had a strong vegetarian friendly menu, and the new veggie torta only makes it better. It has zucchini, mushrooms, poblanos, black beans, and topped with goat cheese. It is a really good option for a vegetarian eater (you can always leave the goat cheese off if needed).
Speaking of goat cheese, the addition to this ingredient on the menu should be fun and the team plans to play around with it on specials. It would also be very good added to the brisket or diablo shrimp tacos if you are looking to change things up.
They are also starting seasonal salads here to keep that menu fresh. This season’s is greens, bell pepper, bacon, corn, avocado, and pepitas. You can also throw a little steak or bison on that for a more hearty option.
Overall the Fold is an increasingly solid option in the already food powerhouse area of Riverdale. There are so many great options in this area it is unlike any other spot in town.
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