The Pizzeria At Terry’s Crafts New Cocktails For Spring and Summer

The weather demands something refreshing in your cocktail this time of year. Luckily for you, The Pizzeria at Terry’s Mixologist Dillon Garcia has whipped up a few must-try drinks.
Start with the Apple Blossom. The drink was created specifically to complement Arkansas Children’s Hospital spring fundraising event – Arkansas A La Carte. This year they approached The Pizzeria about making a drink to match the theme – apple blossoms.
It took Garcia a bit of experimenting to get the pink color and taste of spring just right, but he finally landed on the perfect combination – Crown Royal Regal Apple, St. Germain, and fresh Grapefruit topped with a Prosecco float.
Garcia says, “It’s incredibly refreshing – not overly sweet, and kind of dry and crisp.” You’ll definitely be asking for a second round or two. You can sip happily knowing every time you purchase the Apple Blossom, the Pizzeria will donate a dollar to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.
If apples aren’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with a classic Daiquiri. If you’ve never had one, rid your mind’s eye of frozen and overly sugary drinks. With Eldorado 3 Year Old Rum, Fresh squeezed lime, Simple syrup and Fresh seasonal fruit you’ll be in heaven.
Garcia adds, “The fruit option is going to be constantly changing, which I think is really cool because people can come back and keep trying the next one. … One week we may have strawberries – the next could be blueberries or blackberries.”
If you’re a pomegranate fan, you’ll want to sip on the Melograno Royal, which Garcia created initially with a few leftover spirits. Be cautious, however, because this beautifully colored drink can be a little too easy to sip.

The combination of Crown Royal Regal Apple, Pear Bitters, and Pomegranate Juice pairs perfectly, but Garcia warns, “It’s dangerous – especially on a nice day sitting out on a patio, you could have way too many of these.”
If you’re feeling extra sweet, try the boozy milkshake, the Orangecello Frullato. Garcia has recently whipped up a batch of house made Orangecello, something he’s extremely proud of. He says, “It’s really good, it tastes so natural – it’s almost like fresh squeezed orange juice.”
Frullato – Italian for smoothie or milkshake – will have you enjoying your cocktail for dessert with the combination of Monopolowa vodka, Homemade Orangecello, and Vanilla ice cream.
The list also comes with a few items not pictured – a stouter bourbon drink, the Southern Summer, which comes with Bookers Bourbon, Tuaca, Peach Bitters, and Ginger ale. Plus, you can pretend you’re living on Island time with the Pineapples of the Caribbean. The drink comes with Eldorado 3 Year Old Rum, Fresh Squeezed Lime, Simple Syrup and Fresh Fruit.
It’s a Tuesday night, but you know where you’ll need to be when you get off work. Cheers.

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