Trio’s Releases New Sizzling Summer Cocktail Menu

With a longstanding tradition of providing high quality fresh and local cuisine, Trio’s Restaurant is a culinary staple in Rock City. Nestled away in a small corner off Cantrell, the blue awning with bold white script attracts locals and travelers alike. This summer, though, the cocktail menu takes it to the next level with some incredible seasonal beverages courtesy of Head Bartender/Bar Manager Merrick Fagan.
Fagan has called Trio’s home for two and a half years now, while managing the bar for just under one. His jovial, personable, and extremely witty personality spill over into his cocktails. Perusing the menu, you’ll see music notes that indicate which of the drinks are Trio’s Seasonal Originals­­, with the theme extending to the drinks’ names, as well. With snappy titles such as “Rhubarbara Streisand,” “Little Red Corvette,” and “Bramblin’ Man,” a sense of musical nostalgia of long, warm summer drives with the windows rolled down and the music blaring, takes over.
Fagan’s new cocktails, however, take that old summer nostalgia and spin it on its head, bringing new flavors and sensations into the mix.
The first of three to preview, Fagan initially and excitedly crafts El Pueblo Unido, a slightly spicy, yet refreshing cocktail that includes Vida and Koch mezcales, jalapeño, pineapple, lime, agave nectar, and ginger beer. Served with a simple jalapeño garnish, this yellow drink packs a subtle punch while staying light and perfect for the warm summer evenings. Large ice cubes keep this drink cool and maintain the multiple layered flavors until the very end. And trust me, you’ll want to taste them all the way through.

Next up is the T Swizzle, a cheeky play on words with an equally playful flavor. A combination of earl grey infused gin, candied pineapple rum, with an exotic blend of juices, shrubs, and bitters, the T Swizzle is an excellent summer beverage. The fruit flavors make the drink sweet but not overpowering, and the earl grey aftertaste is a pleasant surprise. This cocktail is equally as beautiful as it is flavorful, as it is garnished with cherries, pineapple leaves, and a cute paper umbrella.
The final of Fagan’s masterful creations is the Granita Applebum, described by Fagan himself as being “not just booze and flavor, but an experience.” And an experience is the perfect way to describe this drink made of lychee­-pisco gummies on a bed of blue apple granita, as the presentation is wholly entertaining and unique. Fagan wanted to step outside the box, as the ingredients are uncommon in Central Arkansas. A peach colored dinosaur gummy rests on top of an icy ocean of granita, and the drink comes with a spoon, as Fagan says, “This is your cocktail toy experience!”
These three cocktails are, along with the newly added Mai Tai and several others listed in the menu below – are awaiting your order! Each provide their own one-­of-­a-­kind drinking experience and I recommend trying your hand at them all. Fagan’s personality and sharp wit paired with his knowledge and skills behind the bar make these drinks a must-try for the dog days of summer.
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