What's New at the Big Orange Bar

There are few bars in this city that have received the acclaim that of Big Orange Midtown. Really BO-M is a world class bar that just happens to have a fantastic Burger and Salad restaurant wrapped around it, and that is what we love about it.When Brett Bassett took the helm of the beverage program earlier this year, more than a few people were anxious to see how he would continue the great tradition. Now with the latest seasonal drinks we get our first look at Bassett’s influence on the drink menu and a feel for the direction things will go. Needless to say, we are excited.
“The thing that separates Big Orange from our (Yellow Rocket’s) other bars is that this is a place we can experiment and try new concepts,” Bassett says. “The regulars here almost demand it, which makes it fun. I am really looking forward to bringing in new ideas and continuing to refine existing concepts.”
Part of that comes from utilizing new-to-market liquors such as Plantation Dark Rum that is in the new seasonal Schleswig Limbo. “We are lucky in that we keep an eye on new liquors on their way to the market and often have found a way to utilize them as soon as they are available,” Bassett tells us.

Bassett is also looking to infuse more than liquor into the cocktails. The “Snooze Button” uses Arkansas roasted Onyx Coffee along with gin for a refreshing cocktail. Of course if a variety of liquors is your thing, that is covered as well. Straits of Magellan might be our favorite of the new menu featuring apple brandy and a 10-Year Tawny Port.
The new menu now features a seasonal section as well as a “Midtown Classics”, which is a welcome site for some of us who have our longterm favorites at the bar. In the classics section you will find a strong selection featuring Big Orange’s best classic cocktails that they have featured since opening.
Finally the crew is working on a return of barrel aged cocktails. These were always a huge hit and add a different level of complexity on classic cocktails. Bassett says he is currently aging three Negroni barrels that are at different stages. He hopes to roll those out before long together so guests can try the difference between various aging lengths.
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