What's New to Eat in the Rock this Fall

It is that time of year where new menus are dropping faster than the leaves from the trees. We have been sharing seasonal menus faster than we can take photos at times, so it is understandable if you missed a few. Here is a roundup of what is new including some items we have not previously covered.
State Fair Fries
State Fair Fries

Big Orange (new)
Big Orange has a couple of great additions to their fall menu with a Smokey Jalapeno Popper burger and State Fair Fries. The burger¬†features Petit Jean Bacon, Hickory Smoke Sauce, Cream Cheese Spread, Minced Fresh Jalape√Īos, and Crisp Lettuce, served up with a turkey patty. The Fries look especially interesting with¬†HouseMade, Fried-to-Order Kennebec Potato Fries topped with Creekstone Farms All Natural Premium Beef Chili, Big Orange Yellow Cheese Dip, White American Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Pickled Jalape√Īos, Fresh Jalape√Īos, and Red Onion. Also keep an eye on monthly/weekly specials for burgers, these are typically seasonal ingredients that end up being some of the best burgers around.Both Big Orange along with Local Lime and Heights Taco & Tamale are also rolling out a new cocktail menu that we will bring you next week.
Lost Forty (new)
Another Yellow Rocket restaurant has been busy with changing up the menu. A new smoked pork shoulder sandwich piled with slaw and Carolina bbq sauce is hitting the menu. The turkey reuben is another great new option that we tried recently. The reuben features some great kraut and house made thousand island served on spent grain bread.
Rounding off the menu is a new salad they are calling “The Pear & The Goat” which features pears(duh), black pepper pecans, and goat cheese crumbles. They also have a new bread pudding using their Nighty Night Imperial Stout beer. They had a version of this briefly in the spring using a different beer that was excellent. I expect nothing different.
South on Main
South on Main has updates to both their lunch menu and dinner menu that we have previewed recently. The big addition to lunch is the inclusion of the catfish plate featuring fried catfish, fries & hushpuppies, and a side of beans. It has quickly become a lunchtime favorite, and if our observations at lunch lately are any indication, it is the most ordered lunch item by a wide margin.
For dinner there are a number of new and updated options on the menu. We recently tried the grilled ribeye and found it a very good steak option. The striped bass receives a welcome update with a side of country ham then doused in ham stock. They are also slowly rolling out a new drink menu, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that.
Table 28
Chef Rains routinely puts out some of the best food in the city at Table 28 that is tucked out of sight in WLR’s Burgundy Hotel, the latest menu is no exception. Small plates are always the big attraction here, and new are a pumpkin soup and mac & cheese with¬†poblano peppers and crispy chicken skins. Also new is the shrimp po boy and “Two Hands” burger for those looking for something a bit more casual, but still fantastic.
duck leg confit
duck leg confit

Ciao Baci
Ciao Baci has both a new drink menu and dinner menu out that we have previewed recently. Dinner features a number of strong earthy dishes using fall and winter vegetables. Our personal favorites are¬†the duck leg confit and the fisherman’s stew. Both a very flavorful and will be nice now that the temperature is dropping. Fried catfish fans will also love their catfish dish.Drink updates are plentiful. The crowd favorite¬†Pumpkin Roll makes a return for those of you wanting your pumpkin spice fix with a bite. They are also making good use of the relatively new-to-distribution-in-Arkansas¬†Plantation Pineapple Rum in the¬†The Carthusian Reverend. Finally they bring in one of my favorite classic cocktails, the Rusty Nail, using Scotch whiskey.
Lunch is back at Kemuri after a sad and entirely too long absence. The menu is a refinement and refresh of the previous lunch menu that feels much better all around, and still for a great price. Lunch only tacos and steamed buns will quickly become the crowd favorite, but don’t skimp on the¬†bibimbap, which was our table’s favorite.
The Pantry / Pantry Crest
The Pantry Crest and Pantry West are both out with new cocktail menus. The list of changes is long and all look delicious. I am especially excited about the The Spice Republica using my current favorite liquor El Dorado 12 year Rum. The Bitter Fruit using bourbon, apple shrub, walnut bitters, and a roasted apple also sounds like a great fall drink. Pantry is also getting in on the Plantation Pineapple Rum game with their latest drink Pineapple Express.
CBG_3Capital Bar and Grill
Chef Arturo Solis has rolled out the first full menu this fall that starts to show his direction since taking over the helm at CBG at the Capital Hotel. New to the space is the addition of small plates that cover a wide variety of styles and tastes. The Smoked Sausage and Pork Belly were two of our favorites from the listing. And yes, the Pimento Cheese is still on the menu. This really worried a lot of you out there judging by the emails and messages we received.Loblolly
Loblolly Creamery
Finally, yes it is getting cold, but you can still enjoy some great ice cream with their fall menu. Snuggle up by a fire if it is a problem while you spoon in some Rock Town Hot whiskey infused Apple Pie Sorbet if it is a problem. If whiskey is your thing they also have a Brown Butter Whiskey (using Rock Town as well). For the non-alcoholics who enjoy pumpkin everything, try the Pumpkin Buttermilk ice cream.

Manage a restaurant with a new menu we have not covered? Drop us a message and we will work with you to schedule a preview.

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