Whitewater presents Mainland Divide, Darsombra, and AutoDreamer

You never know what you’re going to get at the Whitewater Tavern, but I can guarantee in terms of music, it’s always a good show.

The stage nestled in the corner of the room may seem underwhelming, but it’s an institution. From international names like English folk artist Billy Bragg to locally revered acts like The Army Garland Angel Band, Whitewater serves it all along with a bottle of beer and a shot of whiskey.

Even if you don’t think the entertainment is good, you’ll never be bored in the dive in which hipsters, metal-heads, and everyone else dance and order PBRs in harmony.

This past week, the stage was host to three bands, Little Rock-based Mainland Divide and AutoDreamer, as well as Baltimore-based Darsombra.

As soon as AutoDreamer took the stage, I went into a bit of a chill trance. Their sound combines elements from progressive rock with psychedelic influences and even some metal mixed in.

Some of their lyrics managed to bring me out of my state, however, including their closing song, “Morning Sex.” They were fast-paced and served as a great opening.

Next up, Darsombra brought the show to a new level. By next level, I am referencing the solemn act of the audience collectively leaving their chairs, as they dotted the floor cross-legged, sitting rigidly beneath the stage. Darsombra created a space in which the audio and visual collided … with a little bit of everything from heavy guitar riffs to pedal effects and even a gong.

This was a type of show you truly have to experience, and the music paired with the colors and kaleidoscope shapes made me feel as if I had somehow transcended earth altogether. (It’s also the kind of show that calls for more than a simple beer.)

Nevertheless, I appreciated Darsombra. They gave a show unlike most I’ve seen, which is definitely saying something.

Mainland Divide was a treat. The instrumentals were ambient, light, floaty and even ethereal, yet the overall feel was heavy-hitting, and I couldn’t stop tapping my foot. Music is not static, after all.

The group released new music in 2014, An Introduction to Moderation, which interested folks can check out on Mainland Divide’s Bandcamp.

If you haven’t been to Whitewater in a while, you should give it a shot, as they have a revolving door for musicians, and the event calendar is often full. Head down to 2500 West 7th Street, and ready yourself for a good drink, good music and good company.

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